Creative problem solver, wanderer & coffee aficionado based in the Bay Area

I'm Claudia, a designer passionate about tackling challenges head-on.
‍The essence of my work revolves around creating intentional, user-centered products and igniting brands from scratch.

My journey has taken me from Bogotá, Colombia to the Bay Area via Vancouver and Atlanta; shaping my perspective and fueling my creativity along the way.

Recent ventures have led me into the depths of enterprise software, immersing myself in industries I knew little about but emerged with a wealth of knowledge.

You can find me listening to music or podcasts, cuddling my dog, buying too much jewelry, planning the next travel adventure with my husband or working on the occasional craft project.

A collage of images of Claudia. Clockwise from top left: headshot, hiking a volcano, hiking machu picchu, standing in line at a train station, hugging french bulldog.

What I do


Interviews & Workshops
Audience & Landscape Research
Journey maps
Brand Audits
Brand Development

branding & Identity

Identity Systems
Logo Development
Corporate Identities
Brand Guidelines

Digital Experiences

Product Design
User Experience
Web & Mobile Design
UI Design

Things I've learned

find the root
To solve a problem I need to understand the problem and its cause.
stay curious  
There are never enough questions. Curiosity drives a constant discovery of new ideas.
No success is a one-person show. Partnership with the users and team is a must.
Growth mindset
Creating an MVP solution fast is a great short-term goal, but aim to design with scale in mind.
always Learning
Just like how a product is never truly done, neither are technology, processes and  industries.
big picture
Strategic design means understanding the business goals to be able to sweat the details.
simplicity is key
Overly complicated ideas can detract from the design's purpose and effectiveness.
have fun
Enjoyment leads to confidence, which is key to taking risks and pushing boundaries.


  • Freelance
    — senior product designer • creative director
  • sewer ai
    — senior product Designer
  • Futuredraft
    — senior product designer
  • ogilvy
    — visual / ux designer